You might never have heard of Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF). And that is fine. But if you have ever eaten a French baguette then the chances are that we played a part in getting your bread to the table. Even if it is gluten-free.

This includes things like the machinery that harvests your grain for bread, the trucks that deliver it to your supermarket, and even the excavators that helped to build your supermarket in the first place.

SGEF is part of Societe Generale Group, one of the biggest banking groups in Europe. We provide finance, leasing and supporting services to businesses so that they power the real economy and support entrepreneurs in sectors like transport (buses and trucks), industry (construction, agriculture and machinery), technology (IT and office equipment), healthcare and green energy (laboratory equipment and lighting).


We're #1 in Europe in what we do (And #2 in the world)


In 1886 Societe Generale was part of a consortium that financed the building of the Eiffel Tower. Today, SGEF finances companies so that they can do incredible things. And at SGEF Digital Factory we are dedicated to making the digital solutions of tomorrow for our customers to continue doing great things.

The rate of technological change is getting faster all the time...

...That’s why we wanted a connected, creative development center to keep up with these changes. By creating SGEF Digital Factory we are building a team to lead and innovate in time with technology.

Who we are

Johan Sieur

Managing Director

Alexandre Courtiol

Managing Director

Albrecht Haase

Managing Director

Jan Cieslak

Senior Software Engineer

Furkan Tunali

Senior Software Architect

Aaron Thornburgh

Product Designer

Jeremy De Gail

Data Scientist

Natalia Dorozala

Lead Talent Acquisition